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Computer Power cords

Mar 17, 2016

 Computer power cords are the 220V input to the computer host ATX power supply, computer power cords are an essential part of the computer. The function of the computer power cords are connected with the main board power supply and CPU power supply.

     Color description of computer power cords

Red: +5v (power line voltage chip motherboard, hard disk, etc. CD-ROM on hardware).

Yellow: representative) power line (hard disk, CD-ROM, fan etc. hardware working voltage, and -12v also to the serial port to provide EIA power).

Orange: on behalf of the +3.3v power supply line (direct to DIMM, AGP slot power).

Grey: on behalf of P.G signal line (power state information line, it is other power lines through a circuit computing the results, when after pressing the start key of computer, the signal said power good can switchs on the mobile phone without signal that a motherboard failure automatic monitoring).

Blue: on behalf of the -12v power line (EIA power supplied to the serial port)

White: -5v power line (floppy PLL data separation circuit)

Purple: on behalf of +5v standby power line (for a small part of the circuit board provides the power to detect various boot after shutdown command)

Green: on behalf of the PS-on signal line (motherboard power / signal line, missed a certain voltage can be directly opposite the black wire is connected to a switch as a test, can also be regarded as the boot boot key)

Black: ground system circuit

     The computer power cords instructions

     Reset switch: feet. This switch connection plugs marked with the general reset SW words, and the motherboard corresponding pin near the position of the English abbreviation is reset, RST, RS or re. Not divided into positive and negative, the plug is also as effective as.

     The power line is two lights: plug, one line indicating green, the other one is white line. When the host power is started, the power light will be on.

     Hard disk light: hard disk light connection is two feet plug connection is a red and white. When the hard disk read and write action, the hard disk light will light up.

     Speaker: the attachment plug with four pin, but only two lines, the color is generally a black one red and one black or orange, connected correctly for the chassis of the speakers.

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