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c7 Power line purchase skills

Mar 17, 2016

  c7 power cord is the transmission current of wire. Usually the current transmission is point-to-point transmission. Power line is small, but great responsibility, not only directly related to the effect and life of the household appliances, but also relates to the user's personal and property safety, so consumers in the purchase must not lightly. However market power line product variety, each appliance and its characteristics, ordinary consumers if the right way, easily pick presbyopia.

     c7 power cord should be based on different household appliances to buy. Different household appliances, the use of c7 power cord is different. In general, lights, radio, TV with integrated plug line, should choose RVB - 70, RVZ - 70 type parallel or twisted pair, the cross-sectional area should be 0.75 square meters. 1.0mmm  c7 power cord electric cooker, air conditioner, fan, electric fan, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. to choose RVZ - three type 70 core wire with a sheath is appropriate, the cross-sectional area is 0.75 square meters, about 100W - 1.5mmm solder electric iron and the electric hand drill, mobility and electrical appliances and mobile socket heat source or electric spark, to use the RHF type line is appropriate, the cross-sectional area should be 0.75 square meters house - 1.0mmm when the pipe line with the BV - 70 type PVC insulated copper core wire, the sectional area of 1 square meters to 2.0mmm, to ensure adequate safety and long service life; as for the mobile type socket connection used in kitchen and toilet in a humid environment, then Should use the RVZ - 70 type cable.

     How to buy c7 power cord, as the first volume of the wire packaging has China electrician product certification committee "the Great Wall sign" and the production license no.

     Look at the outer plastic wire skin bright color, fine texture, lit with a lighter flame should be. Non regular products using recycled plastic, dark color, loose texture, can ignite the fire; then at length, than the price; then may require businesses to cut a broken copper core material, see. 2 x 2.5 copper core diameter 1.784 mm, a micrometer to measure and regular wire products using fine red copper, outer light and a bit soft, non normal product copper is partial to black and harden, belongs to the recycled scrap copper, high resistivity, electric performance is poor, will heat up and unsafe. Finally, buy wire should to pay electric shop or manufacturer's marketing department.

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