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Basic form of cloth washing machine

Mar 17, 2016

   There have been many cloth washing machine in the form of history, but at present,the most common general washing machine is mainly divided into three categories,and each class can be subdivided into a number of:

   Basic form of cloth washing machine---European style

   It was called the "barrel roll" or "drum", which can be subdivided into "exposing" and "top Jie type", it is full automatic machines. Before the opening: Kona Siyoshi, a former Jie type washing machine in the front door is open, and it is transparent, it can directly see xiyitong inside the case. Top Jie type: Top Jie type washing machine door is open at the top, but few transparent door models, but the washing machine as principle two. In addition, the European model is divided into a dry clothing and clothing have nothing to do with the functionality of the form, but, basically, all of them with dewatering function.

   Basic form of cloth washing machine---American style

   It is also known "mixing type", "mixing column" and / or "stir bar type". It has the longest history of electric washing machine, it is automatic, it can be divided into a dryer, and without a dryer. All modern American washing machine has automatic dehydration function, don't need also by pieces of clothing into like a flour mill stick stack together electric dewatering device, run dry the clothes, in addition, laundry bar can be divided into "single section type" and "double festival type", the washing effect is different, but double model price usually is quite high.

   Basic form of cloth washing machine---Japanese style

   It is also known "vane" or "wave type", it can be subdivided into "the single slot type" and "of" double groove type single slot: basic single tank type washing machine is from followed a American washing machine improved, mostly for automatic microcomputer control. Double groove: double groove type washing machine for semi automatic machine, washing and dehydrating part, every time after washing clothes, hand clothing moved to dehydration, although the trouble, but because of the low price and so far it is still in production.

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