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Affordable washer and dryer liberates our hands

Mar 17, 2016

   With the development of science and technology, a variety of products have more functions, they are more and more detailed.So it is commonly used in washing machine in our home.All kinds of brand and market circulation, the price is not the same. The author will introduce affordable washer and dryer to you.

   Affordable washer and dryer---Haier XQS70-Z9288

   It is 7 kg double power washing, it is full automatic washing machine, it is a kind of two-way rotating dual power washing machine. It has fast net washing rate and prevent the clothes from being twisted, it reduces the damage clothing. The machine supports self programming, free washing, intelligent perception washing function, 15 minutes quick washing and washing function reservation. At present, the price of 2099 yuan Jingdong mall.

   As the pride of the nation brand,Haier still has a very good market share and reputation in china.The washing effect is excellent, it supports the lock up function, it is very suitable for families who have childrens to use.

   Affordable washer and dryer---MeiLing XQB80-9858B

   It is full automatic DD frequency mute low washing machine, it is a large capacity and programmable intelligent washing machine products, it supports intelligent fuzzy control function, it can be intelligence to mimic the human thinking, it can automatically determine the washing way according to the amount of clothing.It is the washing machine product which is very suitable for ordinary home.It has a large size screen.The washing operation is more convenient, the three-dimensional space is not occupied, it is also very suitable for home, it supports the appointment washing function, it can be set to 24 hours to wash all day long.

   Affordable washer and dryer---TCL XQG80-F12102TB

   In order to ensure that consumers discount clothing, wearing a comfortable all day, innovation of science and technology!It makes washing process of lifted clothing, suspension, repeated washing, reach to the soft net Xihu effect, clean clothes, clothing provides the most delicate care. At present, the washing machine price is 2179 yuan at Jingdong mall.

   It uses original waterfall clean technology. It was formed fall like waterfalls hang dense water network, strong coverage of the washing barrel, full range washes the clothes of stubborn stains and detergent residue in the clothing washing and rinsing; application of CIM frequency conversion motor, with frequency quo, it is more energy saving.

   Affordable washer and dryer liberates our hands.

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