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What are the materials of wooden office furniture?

Mar 17, 2016

The materials of wooden office furnitur---MDF

   3-25mm density: National Standard: 450 KG/M3 - 880KG/M3

Mor: National Standard: 14.7Mpa

Tensile strength: the national standard: 390Mpa

The vertical nail holding power: National Standard: 1050N

Flat nail holding power: National Standard: 660N

The water swelling rate: the national standard: less than 12%

The formaldehyde E1: national standard E1: less than 9 mg/100g

   The materials of wooden office furnitur---veneer

   Quality: the thickness of 0.6 0.8MM thick

Appearance: clear natural texture, color consistency, grain clear, beautiful, uniform color

Technology: smooth surface, good abrasion resistance, and insect preservative treatment

   The materials of wooden office furnitur---glue

   Free formaldehyde benzene = 0.5g/KG = 5g/KG = 5g/KG

Toluene, xylene = 250g/KG

Volatile organic compound content is less than 750g/L

   The materials of wooden office furnitur---paint

   Topcoat: flow flat, adhesion, good transparency, high hardness, good wear resistance; luster soft, durable, yellowing resistance, feel good; tolerance to low pH, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, resistance to heat and humidity, salt tolerance was good.

Primer: leveling and transparency is good; it has strong adhesion.

Process: open paint (PU) components for polyamine ester, it can repair a second time, when painting paint than the closed to seeking high, closed paint (PE) components for unsaturated resin, adhesion strong, tough film, high hardness, high gloss, water resistance, resistance to abrasion, hit, good heat resistance, it can maintain the surface effect for a long period of time.

   The materials of wooden office furnitur---Wood edge

   Sealing and closing should adopt imported white oak, ensure the long time use texture consistent color, high hardness, strong toughness, the insect resistant anticorrosive processing, good drying property. It has no cracking, bending characteristics.

   Slide:Surface coating: BIFMA through the United States, the British FIRA test, no damage on the 50 thousand sliding


Yield strength: the use of rolling process, thick high quality steel plate, steel ball combination.

Stretch length: black zinc plated layer, after 72 hours of salt spray test, it adopts high strength engineering plastic, without damage by the 50 thousand slide.

   Lock:Cylinder, with a whole piece of copper skip milling molding, to ensure its strength with precision, must be rotated 180 degrees, the marbles will bite, thereby improving the safety coefficient.

Lock core: Marble design, embedded technology, stable.

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