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The trends of design office furniture

Mar 17, 2016

  Office furniture design excellence will become an effective way of communication and communication between the media sites, so the concept of bold ideas will help the future design and development of office furniture for office furniture.

      Design office furniture 1 :armchairs

      This is a mechatronic mobile chair with fixed flat panel display, it in conjunction with the chair of the mobility and comfort at the same time, the conformity of information technology and information interactive communication media with in the traditional chair, let people communicate more convenient, more convenient access to information.

      Design office furniture 2 : independent table

      Independent table is a movable display, discussion and interpretation of the information exchange platform. Under normal circumstances is two men gathered in a table for communication and modeling table is light and handy, desktop design into electronic screen, the need of technical support is the LCD screen. This is a flat touch screen type electronic.

      Design office furniture 3 :exchange table

      The square table in the middle part of the desktop design an electronic screen, people can pen or finger on the screen to write or paint. This table is also equipped with a cordless keyboard more convenient file input, people can around the exchanges around the table edge discussion while working.

      In addition, the future of office furniture will also have the following trend of development.

      Design office furniture trends 1: electromechanical integration trend

      Office furniture in the future will be to get rid of currently office furniture design frame, according to the needs of information design of mechanical and electrical integration office furniture, even telephone the office furniture, computers and printers and other devices has been "embedded" processing, and convenient line contact, easy to master and its shape should be smooth and practical.

      Design office furniture trends 2: The human tendency

      Future office furniture will give full consideration to the human body engineering, with adjusting the height of the desktop, friendly boundaries, make legs free stretch of space, based on human factors considerations for the furniture can let a person feel comfortable, and therefore have a better work efficiency.

      Design office furniture trends 3: Elastic tendency

      Office furniture will be very easy to re mix, because partners and organizations in the form of continuous change, the frequent movement of personnel, space fenfenhehe can hardly be avoided, office furniture and accessories must be free combination.

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