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The classification of cool computer chairs

Mar 17, 2016

     Cool computer chairs has been widely used in people's work and learning and production places. Cool computer chairs with human engineering. It is beneficial to the health.

     Cool computer chairs according to the different locations, usually have the following categories:

1) chair: applicable to the production workshop and other work places, chairs, the composition is simple.

2) student chair: suitable for schools and meeting places etc.. The same chair has simple composition.

3) computer chair: it is widely used in the office environment, chair of small volume, less occupied space.

4) chair: chair of large volume, occupying too large, usually for a class of user management personnel.

5) chair: also known as the boss chair, the appearance of the atmosphere.

6) conference chair: novel appearance, fashion, comfort is not the first element of the chair designer.

     Cool computer chairs according to the use of different fabrics, usually have the following categories:

1) Ma Rong chair: chair, staff chair, chair of the.

2) mesh chairs: a few years ago Zhongban chairs, conference chair, chair, the more, the chair of this kind of fabric has strong permeability, the relative fitness of sedentary. Has been widely used in the staff chair.

3) leather chair: chair up. Skin: leather, leather division.

4) anti-static chair: chair surface with anti-static, anti-static fabric and accessories or.

     Cool computer chairs according to the use of different functions, according to the function of the general can be divided into two kinds of computer chair:

1) ordinary computer chair

Computer chair usually can only satisfy the ordinary users usually use the Internet, a short period of time;

2) human engineering computer chair

So-called ergonomic computer chair with ergonomic design, use as much as possible for the body's natural shape, so that it can be at work, physical and mental does not need any active adaptation, so as to reduce the fatigue caused by the use of tools to use tools.

This kind of computer chair must meet the following conditions: The head is adjustable; The handrail is adjustable, and can make the hand and multistage lifting, the body can maintain the best position and the ground and the computer desk; Put back the backrest can be better, in the long time work at the desk, can effectively link spinal fatigue; It has the function of lifting.

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