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The classification of classic office furniture

Mar 17, 2016

   The furniture is a kind of apparatus to maintain normal human life, engaged in the production practice and carry out social activities necessary. The furniture is to follow the footsteps of the times the continuous development of innovation, now in various categories, different materials, complete varieties and its uses are not the same.

     Office furniture for daily life and social activities for the convenience of office or work with appliances.
In the following, we look at the classic office furniture is classified. We understand the classification of classic office furniture, we can choose the appropriate classic office furniture.

     First of all, the classic office furniture according to the style of furniture can be divided into: modern furniture, classical European style furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture, new classical furniture.

     European classical home: European classical furniture culture connotation is very rich, for the European classical style decoration.

     American furniture: the atmosphere is simple, but pay attention to clean and free lines.
Chinese classical furniture: the graceful and elegant, exquisite, fascinating fascinated. Not only beautiful, but also very practical!

     New classical furniture: smooth lines, exquisite carved. Both nostalgic and fashion style image, not only by the love in the elderly, even a young man began to have a special liking to its.

     Secondly, the classic office furniture according to the materials used furniture is divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, software, furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel wood furniture.

1, solid wood furniture: use logs materials by grinding, paint processing form. Sophisticated materials, durable.

2, furniture: sheet forming, stable performance, easy to deformation, processing and transportation are convenient.

3, soft furniture: soft furniture mainly refers to the sponge, fabric as the main body of the furniture.

4, rattan furniture: light and generous, those interwoven rattan simple, refreshing.

5, metal furniture: personalized style, color selection, rich variety, has the folding function, a beautiful, high quality and inexpensive goods.

6, steel wood furniture, steel wood composite geometric structure, simple and simple color performance simple, expression of the steel and wood furniture to contracted wind.

7, glass furniture with its unique characteristics of crystal clear, fresh and clear and popular.

8, marble furniture: surface crystal moist, moist texture of grace, texture pattern beautiful, but also has not afraid of dirty, not afraid of hot, etc., by the consumer favorite.

9, ceramic furniture: general ceramic material with high hardness, but poor plasticity.

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