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How to choose the comfortable computer chairs

Mar 17, 2016

 Now the computer is very popular, most people are only on the computer carefully selected, but for the choice of computer chair in casual attitude, this approach is wrong. Because of the poor quality of the computer chair is not only harmful to health, and easy to damage, and ultimately, in the economy is not economical. So be sure to choose a practical and comfortable computer chairs.

     How to choose the comfortable computer chairs, How to choose the comfortable computer chairs?
     1. observe the cushion.

Computer chair is generally a sponge cushion. But a good cushion of high cost, so some businesses in order to reduce the cost, there are some problems on the cushion, such as reducing the sponge thickness, or material strength is not enough. The cushion is generally more thick, but also has the sunken arc curve, to meet the people's ass. In addition, better elastic cushion. If the cushion is thin, it is not comfortable to sit, if the cushion is very thick, but no flexibility, businesses may use inferior materials. Comfortable computer chairs cushion with good elasticity.

     2. sit feeling.

     If the design is reasonable, the general feeling of sitting in the chair seat is more comfortable, site acceptance, good tolerance, not feel uncomfortable. The comfortable computer chairs will make us comfortable to sit in.

     3. back to reliable.

The chair backrest part relatively loose, after by noise, so the chair is easy to damage.

     4. try to shake, if the chair structure is not stable, it is easy to damage.

     5. handrails, try to hand on the arm, or whether to feel comfortable.

     6. gas bar, if you purchase chairs, an attempt is made to the swivel chair lift, feeling some of the lifting process is smooth, if feel dry, gas pole quality is not good.

     7. Some chairs have free function, hypsokinesis free function, try to open free, feel.

     8. Chairs flipped over and watch the hidden structure, if it is found that the rough parts, even rusty, belong to inferior products.

    9. If you are buying a chair, then check the wheels move smoothly, if dry, belong to inferior products.

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