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Basic constitution of comfy office chairs

Mar 17, 2016

  Do you know the comfy office chairs?

   Comfy office chairs refers to various chairs which are equipped for the work in the daily work and social activities.Partner office, office chair is divided into broad sense and narrow sense. The narrow office chair is refers to the people carries on the work table in the sitting position with the sitting chair, general office chair for all the chairs in the office. It includes Ceo chair, Zhongban chairs, reception chairs, staff chair, conference chair, visitor chairs, training chairs.

   Basic constitution of comfy office chairs:

   1: casters: ordinary casters, PU wheel (soft materials, it is suitable for the wood floor, and the room).

   2: chair legs: Iron thickness directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: polishing, painting, paint, surface gloss, not easy to paint), electroplating (wood can not electroplating), electroplating quality. It is not easy to rust.

   3: gas rod: it is also called the lifting rod, which is used to adjust the height and rotate the chair.

   4: hold the seat chassis: it is part of the rod,which is connected with gas.

   5: the chair seat is composed of wood, sponge, fabric. Wood quality consumers often do not feel. Sponge: sponge, cotton new regeneration. 99% manufacturers are both collocation use, the thicker the hard, the cost is higher, proper thickness, hardness can be appropriate. Hand pressure seat fabric, Ma Rong, cloth, leather. Plastic frame pressure net cloth. This chair is more in line with the permeability.

   6: armrest: thickness affect the quality.

   7: the seat connection (corner): the seat and backrest is split, it uses a steel tube or a steel plate connection, plate, is usually 6mm and 8mm thick. But the width is less than 6cm thick steel plate, it must be 8mm.

   8: chair: steel frame, plastic frame of the chair, it adopts the combination made of cloth. It has the permeability.

   9: the waist pillow: it reflects the comfort of the chair.

  10: head pillow: it comfort chair.

   Which style of comfy office chairs do you love?

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