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What is the classification of coal mining machines?

Mar 16, 2016

 Coal mining machines are large complex systems of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration, poor working environment,if it faults will cause interruption to the whole coal, causing huge economic losses.

   Coal mining machine is one of the important equipment in coal mine production mechanization and modernization.Mechanized coal mining can reduce manual labor, improve safety, high yield, high efficiency and low consumption.

   What is the classification of coal mining machines?

   The coal mining machines are divided into sawing, planing, drilling and milling type.

   The sawing type coal mining machines:Mechanical cutting machine is used to increase the blasting free surface, improve the blasting efficiency, a disk type, cut-off rod type and cut chain three. The two ends of the steel rope are respectively fixed on the tube column and the anchor rope on. When the rope drum rotates, coalcutter will pull forward, speed is 0.25 ~ 1.1m/min. Traction wire rope length 25m, every 20 ~ 25m to displace anchor column. Coalcutter can not be directly on the working surface of coal, to increase coal blasting process, has been replacing drum shearer.

   Planing type coal mining machines:Coal plough has two types: (1) dynamic coal planer, planer by of coal impact coal breaking, there many problems, still in the study; II static coal planer, planer by of coal body static breaking coal pressure, drag hook type and scraper type and slide type three. China currently used towing hook plough, said Xi coal plough, by the installation tool sharpener body, a left and a right supporting plates, cutter symmetrically distribution on the plane body. In order to ensure the stability of coal planer plough, coal planer should be pressure in the conveyor chute below the chassis. With the chain traction coal planer, reciprocating motion along the working face coal, a plane depth of 50 ~ 125mm. Coal plow speed is greater than the conveyor chain speed, called rapid plough. Plow superior for thin coal seams, coal is relatively soft, stable and simple geological structure in thick coal seam.

   Drilling coal mining machines:It depends on the edge of the knife tooth drill drill into the coal, the broken coal cutter bit in the middle of the middle of the broken coal.

   Coal puncher:According to coal wall by force and mechanical characteristic, make full use of the mechanical properties of coal and rock tensile strength is the weakest, the parallel work face coal wall tool on coal rush to split, the cutter contact and rushed into the coal body in coal to produce impact split tensile stress, the coal cracking the whereabouts of a coal mining device.

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