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The transport contract of burnt coal

Mar 16, 2016

The shipper (Jia Fang): Fengjie KELONG India Cements

   Limited signed 0 time: two March 8th one one

   The shipper (b): Wang Jiancheng

   Venue: Fengjie KELONG India Cements Limited

   Party B agrees to transport burnt coal according to the requirements of Party a,by mutual agreement, the signing of this contract, both parties agree to perform.

   A, transport request

   Party B agrees to transport of burnt coal for party A.Party B shall arrange for Party A in car transport, they are not allowed to transport other goods,safety responsibility in the transport of burnt coal shall be borne by Party B, it is unrelated to Party A.

   B.Since ground transport and transport requirements:

   The starting point is to transport nine disc, cottage to Fengjie KELONG India Cements Limited shed large coal mine.

   C.Handling time:

   It is arranged by monthly production plan of party A.

   D.Freight and settlement of burnt coal:

   According to the freight is 18 yuan / ton settlement,the freight must be issued a formal invoice. If Party B provides the invoice by the tax authorities eventually identified as invalid, Party B shall bear all the losses thus caused to Party and relevant legal liabilities.

   E.in the process of transportation,party B shall ensure the safe transport of Wang Jiancheng to Fengjie KELONG large shed, all the costs encountered by Party B is responsible for transportation.

   F.Resolve contract disputes:

   Both parties through consultation, if the consultation fails, they may apply to the local people's court mediation. Two copies of this contract,all the expenses in transit is encountered is responsible for Party B.

   Party A (signature): Fengjie KELONG India Cements Limited (signature) b:

   The validity period of the contract: from March 8, 2011 to March 7, 2012.

   This is the transport contract of burnt coal,if the parties want to add something, they can be raised before signing the contract


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