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Overview of Chinese coal resources

Mar 16, 2016

China has a vast territory, population is numerous, the total energy consumption is large.China is a country with coal as the main energy state,the proportion of coal in energy production and consumption has been in more than 70%, and the pattern of the short term will not change fundamentally; according to the relevant experts predict that by 2050, the proportion of coal in the energy still accounts for more than 50%.To conserve and protect resources,to realize the sustainable development of national economy and society,and to correct understanding the basic characteristics of coal resources is very necessary.  

   The quantity and distribution of coal resources in China.

   1.The amount of coal resources in China

   According to the third national coalfield prediction data, except Taiwan Province, China's vertical depth of 2000 meters in shallow coal resources total for 55697.49 tonnes, which proved to maintain the amount of coal resources 10176.45 tonnes, to predict the amount of resources 45521.04 million tons. In the proven reserves, production, construction of wells in the occupied resources in the amount of 1916.04 tons, 8260.41 tons the amount of resources is not using.

   2.The regional distribution of coal resources in China

   China's coal resources are mainly distributed in Kunlun - Qinling Mountains - Dabie Mountain area to the north.China's coal resources are mainly distributed in Greater Khingan Range - Taihang Mountain - west of Xuefeng mountain area. Roughly this line west of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and other 11 provinces, the coal resources amount to 51145.71 tons, accounting for 91.83% of the total coal resources. This line of west region, proven to maintain resources accounted for 89% of the amount of proven to maintain national resources; and this line to the east area, reserves accounted for the country's proven proven to maintain the amount of resources 11%. Clearly, China's coal resources are more rare in the geographical distribution.

   3.The main provinces of China's coal resources distribution

   China is rich in coal resources, in addition to Shanghai and other provinces and autonomous regions have distribution, but the distribution is very uneven. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region coal resources coal resources up to the amount of up to 19193.53 tons of coal, and the least amount of resources in Zhejiang province is only 0.50 tons.

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