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Do you know the history of charcoal fuel?

Mar 16, 2016

 Wood or wood raw material after incomplete combustion or pyrolysis under the condition of air isolation, dark brown or black porous solid fuel residues, which are charcoal fuel.

   Do you know the history of charcoal fuel?

   Charcoal fuel is amorphous carbon impurities,it keeps the original structure and the wood tar residue in the hole.Bronzes of the Shang Dynasty in China, and the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States era iron smelting with charcoal, to observations of climate change by the moisture absorption. Fuel, reducing agent of metal smelting, refining as a covering agent for protecting the metal from oxidation. In the chemical industry, it can be used as raw materials such as activated carbon and carbon disulfide. It is used as a biscuit factory, smelter and other fuels, is also used for filtration, liquid water decolorization and preparation of black powder. It is also used in various aspects of grinding, painting, cosmetic, medicine, powder, powder alloy carburizing, etc..

   In recent years,the development speed of China's charcoal industry is fast,charcoal fuel industry development situation is very optimistic about the domestic and international markets.According to the Chilean research consulting statistics:although affected by the financial crisis,which makes the charcoal fuel industry slowed down slightly in recent years,but with the gradually fade out the rapid development of our national economy and the international financial crisis,our charcoal fuel industry once again usher in a good development opportunities. 

   Charcoal fuel is the main component of carbon element, a low ash content, calorific value is about 27.21~33.49 MJ / kg.In addition, it also contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and small amounts of other elements, the content and species is not big, it depends on the final temperature of carbonization.Charcoal fuel is a hydrophobic substances,ash content is less than 6%,the pore volume of charcoal accounted for more than 7%, the proportion is 1.3 ~ 1.4, the calorific value depends on carbonization conditions, generally in 8 million kcal / kg, the reduction ability of charcoal is greater than coke. There are a large number of charcoal micropore and transition pore in charcoal fuel,which make it not only has high specific surface area,and the tar hole to be removed will have good adsorption properties. Complete combustion with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide toxic gas incomplete combustion. It is loose.  

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