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Do you know the difference between charcoal and coal?

Mar 16, 2016

 The difference between charcoal and coal:Coal and coal products deep processing. Coke is processed wood products, a solid fuel, coke hard, porous, high calorific value. With coal and high temperature carbonization. It is used for iron smelting.

   The difference between charcoal and coal:Bituminous coal under the condition of air isolation, heated to sintered DEG C, after drying, pyrolysis, molten, bonding and solidification, shrinkage stage eventually made into coke, this process called high temperature coking (high temperature carbonization). By high temperature coking coke for blast furnace smelting, casting and gasification. Produced in the coking process after the recovery and purification of coke oven gas is not only a high calorific value of fuel, it is also an important raw material for organic synthesis industry.

   The difference between charcoal and coal:Metallurgical coke is coke, coke, iron alloy coke and non-ferrous metal smelting coke ". Because more than 90% of the metallurgical coke were used in blast furnace, blast furnace coke tends to so called metallurgical coke.

   The difference between charcoal and coal:In China, many coal fields of natural coke, namely natural coke, used as fuel. Underground coal seam by magma intrusion, under the influence of high temperature baking and magmatic hydrothermal volatile gas, heating dry distillation changed the formation of coke. Underground coal spontaneous combustion, it can also form a natural coke. Natural coke, color gray to dark gray, porous it, sometimes it is six square column. Compared with artificial coke, its weight is large, stomata are small and dense.

   The difference between charcoal and coal:Coal is the ancient plants buried in the ground through biochemistry and complex physical and chemical changes gradually formed solid combustible mineral. Is a kind of solid combustible organic rock, mainly by the bio chemical plant remains, buried after the geological change and become known as coal. The coal is known as the black gold, food industry, it is one of the main energy used in the human world in the eighteenth century.

   Coking coal is high metamorphic degree of coal. Coking, the colloid has good thermal stability, fragmentation of the coke is large, the crack is small, the intensity is high. Coke: a solid fuel, hard, porous, high calorific value of coal. It used high temperature carbonization and become, it is used for iron smelting.

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