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Do you know the development history of Chinese coal museum?

Mar 16, 2016

 Development history of Chinese coal museum:

   In 1982, Shanxi Mining Institute to build coal Museum Chinese matters referrals to the State Ministry of coal industry. In October, the five meeting of the five National People's Congress, and suggestions for the construction of the national coal museum.

   April 1983, approved by the Ministry of coal coal museum plan, the Ministry of coal direct investment 16 million 700 thousand yuan.In November 20th, the State Ministry of coal industry in Beijing organized design review meeting China coal museum. In December 13th, China Coal Museum preparatory office was formally established.

   In June 1984, Shanxi Mining Institute Vice President Dong Dasheng as the head of the Chinese coal museum tours to France, the Federal Republic of Germany to study the construction of the museum experience. In August, the Ministry of coal industry in coal (1984) Jiao Zi No. 1031st issued a notice to the various business units across the country. In October, Bo Yibo wrote the name of Chinese coal museum.

   In May 1985, Chinese Coal Museum started in Taiyuan.

   In September 30, 1989, China Coal Museum was completed and opened to the public.

   In October 9, 1991, Chinese Coal Museum Directors and the national coal heritage collection Committee was formally established.

In June 1993, the underground mine simulation finished generating large landscape China Museum Museum of art, Museum of coal coal coal and 3200 square meters.

In November 1994, organized by the Ministry of coal industry of the national coal front seven heroes Chinese statue settled coal museum.

In 1997, by the Shanxi provincial government allocated 8 million yuan for exhibition fees formally in place.

In August 1998, according to the institutional reform of the State Council opinions, China Coal Museum by the State Bureau of coal industry under the management of Shanxi province.

In September 16, 2000, China Coal Museum exhibition opening the first phase of the basic.

In May 27, 2002, two Chinese Coal Museum exhibition project officially started.

In March 28, 2003, Chinese Coal Museum display and two simulated mine renovation project completed in August 10th, the official opening.

In October 2004, the Shanxi Museum of ancient murals in China Coal Museum officially completed and open to the public.

In May 2005, the UNESCO China coal center exchange completed and put into use.

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