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Do you know the coal source?

Mar 16, 2016

   Do you know the coal source?For millions of years, the leaves and roots of the plant accumulation and a thick layer of black humic matter on the ground, due to changes in the earth's crust constantly buried underground, long-term and air isolation, and under high temperature and high pressure, through a series of complex physical and chemical changes and other factors, it formed a black combustible fossil, this is coal formation process.

   Do you know the coal source?Some of the discussion whether it should be further studied and discussed.A large coal mine, coal seam is very thick, is very good, but in general, its area is not great.Because in ancient times the earth is full of forests and grasslands.Therefore, groundwater should be everywhere there are traces of stored coal; coal seam are not very thick, because the branches and leaves of the plants, the roots rot into humus, it will uptake by plants, so repeatedly, eventually was buried, it would not be so concentrated, the boundaries of soil and coal seam is not divided so clear.

   Do you know the coal source?However, there is no denying the fact and evidence,coal true is formed after the evolution of a system remains of plants, this is the truth of hold together, takes a closer look at coal, you can see traces of plant leaves and rhizomes; if the coal slice was put under the microscope observation, can be found in plant tissue and structure is very clear, and sometimes in the coal seam also kept things like tree trunks, some coalbed also wrapped complete fossil insects. It is worth exploring why it formed so focused, but they are so so good?

   Do you know the coal source?In surface temperature, atmospheric pressure, by a buildup in stagnant water in the plant remains the mud carbonizing or sapropel effect into peat or muck; peat or muck was buried, due to the basement of the basin decreased and sink to the deep underground, the diagenesis and transformed into lignite; when the temperature and pressure gradually increased, followed by metamorphism into bituminous coal and anthracite. Peatification refers to higher plant remains in the swamp peat accumulation into the biological process of chemical change. SAPROFICATION refers to the process of low biological remains in the swamp by biochemical changes into sapropelic. Sapropel mud like substance which is rich in water and asphalt.

   Now,do you know the coal source?

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