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Do you know the coal properties?

Mar 16, 2016

   Do you know the coal properties?

   the coal properties---the elemental composition of coal

   The composition of organic matter in coal is the theme.The process uses coal as long as it is decided by the nature of the organic matter in coal.Coal organic matter mainly: carbon (c), hydrogen (H), oxygen (o), nitrogen (n), sulfur (s) five elements, such as in a small number of elements: phosphorus (P), chlorine (CL), and arsenic (as) in general is not included in the organic matter elements within and among them C.H.O) accounted for more than 95% of the organic matter of the coal.

   the coal properties---Analysis of coal industry

   water content:According to the state of the water, it can be divided into free water and crystal water in two categories, the former can be divided into two kinds of external moisture and moisture. Water or water containing mineral crystal compounds, not considered in the coal industry.

   ash content:One of the inherent properties of coal ash is not coal, because coal is not containing ash, ash coal combustion is completely under certain conditions the residue obtained after.

   Volatile:Coal sample in contact with air and temperature under the condition of heating, coal sample in a portion of the gas escape, from coal like to lose the quality of water within the minus the volatile matter quality, percent of total coal sample mass percentage of said.

   the coal properties---The main technical properties of coal

   Coking property of coal is evaluation of coking coal the main index is bituminous coal in dry distillation of the bond itself or to join multiple inert matter, the caking property of coal is a necessary condition for coal coking.

   the coal properties---The calorific value of coal

   The pyrolysis of coal, coal is heated in the absence of air, the complex process of a series of physical and chemical changes occur in the smoke of different temperatures. The results generated gas (gas), liquid (coal tar), solid (semi coke coke) and other products. Also known as the coal pyrolysis and thermal decomposition of coal carbonization.

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