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Do you know the coal mining history?

Mar 16, 2016

 Do you know the coal mining history?The exploitation and utilization of coal in the thousands of years of history, as early as 500 BC years of spring and Autumn Warring States period, coal has become one of the most important products.During the spring and Autumn Period "coal: coal, graphite in the Tang and Song Dynasties coal is called: Carboniferous of the Ming Dynasty said coal: coal stone nirvana, Nirvana Shi in Wei and Jin Dynasties.

   Do you know the coal mining history?"Heavenly Creations" is edited by song Yingxing's late Ming Dynasty,it is the world's first ancient coal mining technology, it records the geological development, mining, supporting, ventilation, lifting, transportation and gas emission.fter the founding of the people's Republic of China, coal mining method in the development process: 1949 -- 1952: recovery period; 1953 - 1957: the reform of coal mining methods, long wall accounted for 92.27%; in 1976, 1980: development long wall, flexible, the roadway mining method and hydraulic coal mining without coal pillar; 1981 - so far: the development of comprehensive mechanical coal mining method.

   Do you know the coal mining history?At the beginning of the founding of new Chinese,the annual output of coal is only 32.43Mt.The "seven five" period is 6 tons, the "Nine Five" period is 13 tons, 23.25 tons in 2006 to the highest level, it ranks first in the world, the degree of mechanization is increased from 30% to 77.78% in the early stage of reform and opening up;Coal accounts for about 70% in the energy consumption structure.At the end of 2002, China's proven reserves of 10000 tons, which ranks first in the world. China's coal production in 2006 23.25 tons, ranking first in the world.

   Do you know the coal mining history?Coal production continued to grow.The national coal production by the reform and opening up 6 tons in 2006 increased to yield 23.25 tons, the highest level in history, it provides power for the development of national economy in china.

   Do you know the coal mining history?The production level has greatly improved. Large and medium-sized coal mine mechanization level, yield, efficiency, single coal, have increased year by year. Built a number of international leading, high yield and high efficiency coal mine, preliminary building and perfecting the technology, design, manufacture, training is complete technical support system.

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