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Do you know the application of coal fuel?

Mar 16, 2016

 The ancient plants were buried in the ground, they experienced the biochemistry and the complex physical and chemical changes, thus it has gradually formed a solid combustible mineral which is coal fuel.It is a kind of solid combustible organic rock, which is mainly composed of the bio chemical plant remains,the coal fuel is known as the black gold, food industry, it is one of the main energy used in the human world in the eighteenth century.

   The main origin of coal fuel:There are coal fuel in the continental and oceanic islands,but the coal fuel in the global distribution is not balanced, each national coal reserves is not the same.China, the United States, Russia, Germany is rich in coal reserves of the country, it is also the world's major coal producing countries, which is the highest Chinese coal production country in the world. Chinese coal resources in the forefront of the world, after the United States and russia.

   Do you know the application of coal fuel?

   The use of coal fuel is very broad, we summarize three main purposes can according to its purpose: (1) power coal, (2) of coking coal, (3) coal chemical industry of coal, including coal gasification, low temperature carbonization of coal hydrogenation liquefaction coal.

   Classification of coal fuel:Coal is the world's most extensive distribution of fossil energy resources, it is divided into four categories: bituminous coal and anthracite, bituminous coal and lignite coal.The coal recoverable reserves of 60% concentrated in the (25%) of the United States and the former Soviet Union area (23%) and China (12%). In addition, Australia, India, Germany, and South Africa, four countries accounted for 29%, coal production in the country or region accounted for 80% of the world's total output, has proven coal reserves in 63 times the oil reserves of more than, the world coal reserves are abundant and also national coal main production country.

   A coal organic matter elements including carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur,in addition, there are very small amounts of phosphorus, fluorine, chlorine and other elements. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the main body of the coal organic matter, accounting for more than 95%; the deeper the degree of coalification, the higher the content of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen content is lower.

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