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Do you know hard coking coal?

Mar 16, 2016

 Do you know hard coking coal?According to the classification of China coal,hard coking coal belongs to the class of bituminous coal.According to our criteria for classification of coal and bituminous coal, lean coal, lean coal, coking coal, fat coal and 1 / 3 coking coal and gas fat coal, gas coal and 1 / 2 Sticky coal belong to the hard coking coal.As the name suggests,hard coking coal is mainly used for coke, according to use. It is usually divided into for metallurgical coke (including blast furnace coke, foundry coke and iron alloy coke), gasification coke and calcium carbide with coke.

   Brief introduction:hard coking coal is bituminous coal, according to the degree of coalification is from high to low, which in turn is: meager lean coal, lean coal, coking coal, fat coal and 1 / 3 coking coal and gas fat coal, gas coal and 1 / 2 Sticky coal.
   Divided according to the use of coal, coking coal as a raw material, used in the production of coke, and then used for the steel industry in the coal types. According to coal use, except for coking coal coking coal, also power as the power fuel use, chemical industry raw materials for anthracite, iron and steel industry blast furnace for pulverized coal.

   Present situation of hard coking coal:hard coking coal reserves in China is low, quality resources are scarce.China's coking coal reserves is only 2758 tons, which accounted for 27% of the identified coal resources reserves. Among them, coal accounted for the total coal resource in China is 13.75%, accounting for 3.53% of coal, coking coal and lean coal accounted for 5.81%, accounted for 4.01%. High ash and high sulfur removal and difficult washing, can not be used for coking, coking coal and fat coal quality resources are scarce, accounting for identify the proportion of coal resources and reserves is less than 6% and 3%.

   Compared with the abundant coal resources in China, the relative scarcity of Chinese hard coking coal resources, China's coal reserves accounted for only 25.4% of the total, in prospecting almost no new discoveries.

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