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Do you know charcoal types?

Mar 16, 2016

   Do you know charcoal types?According to charcoal raw material, it can be divided into 3 kinds.

   Do you know charcoal types?Hard broad charcoal: it is mainly with hardwood lumber (Fagaceae genus Quercus, Castanopsis, etc.), it also used birch is a wood fired carbon. It is commonly known as the oak carbon, gang carbon, oak carbon. The material is solid as sintered by Cyclobalanopsis glauca and phillyraeoides etc. it is also known as black carbon, carbon, carbon phillyraeoides (Gang) etc..

   Do you know charcoal types?Hardwood charcoal: it is a hard and soft hardwood mixed burning charcoal. It is commonly known as miscellaneous charcoal.

   Do you know charcoal types?Matsuki: it is made from pine or other softwood charcoal.

   Do you know charcoal types?In addition, it is also useful bamboo charcoal and firing with shells, stone (coconut shell, peach) and other wood materials of stone charcoal. Charcoal collected from household stoves in the cell known as carbon. Such as crushed charcoal mixed with a suitable adhesive, pressure volume forming and baking, can be made into carbon deposition pressure, it has significant capacity, strong firepower, the broken rate is small and convenient to use advantages. According to the process of charcoal charcoal can be divided into white and black.

   Burning process of controlled firewood heating temperature, time and oxygen carbonization conditions.The process is the most original burning method, extensive operation, carbonization conditions is not easy to control, so the quality and quantity are very poor. The process is widely used in the kiln, which can control the carbonization conditions to ensure the quality and quantity of charcoal production. China of black carbon in the firing process is firewood in the kiln after carbonization, air cooling. Silica firing is in red hot charcoal removed outside the kiln in contact with air, the use of pyrolysis volatiles combustion high temperature refining, re cover the cooling, with not only a higher fixed carbon and attached to the surface of the residual white ash, hence the name.Silica is used only in the firing process Chinese, Korea and japan. He has many types, continuous operation of the kiln kiln from the most simple to modern (vertical and horizontal) are. Chinese Tuyao to the famous Zhejiang, Jinyun kiln, Qingtian kiln carp, Fujian melon scoop Yongtai white carbon kiln. In addition, it is also suitable for the mobile carbonization furnace waste material dispersion characteristics of the forest. Charcoal can also be prepared from dry distillation of wood industry.

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