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Brief introduction of charcoal making process

Mar 16, 2016

  Brief introduction of charcoal making process:Activated carbon is a porous material containing carbon, it has a highly developed pore structure, it is a very good adsorbent, its adsorption is by physical adsorption and chemical adsorption force.In addition to carbon element,it also contains a substance composed of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and ash amount.

   Brief introduction of charcoal making process:The raw material of activated carbon is very rich, such as coal, shell, rice husk, wood, petroleum coke, resin, asphalt and waste tires.The shell class has a wide source of raw materials, low cost, and it has excellent natural structure, it conducive to the formation of developed pore structure, it has been more and more attention.

   Brief introduction of charcoal making process:Carbide: activated carbon preparation to the raw materials for carbonization.Carbide is also known as pyrolysis, it is under the condition of air isolation of raw material heating, the temperature is below 600 DEG C in general. Sometimes the original material by inorganic salt solution treatment after carbonization.Activated carbon raw materials after carbonization, decompose release moisture, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen can be collected and used as fuel. Raw materials into pieces, and to form a stable structure, these fragments may be composed of some crystal. Micro crystal is composed of more than two pieces, stacked lamellar structure of carbon atoms arranged in six corners of a lattice. But the accumulation of non fixed crystal. Micro crystal size and material composition and structure, and the effects of carbonization temperature, generally increases with increase of carbonization temperature. After the carbide micro crystal boundary atoms with some residual hydrocarbons.

   Brief introduction of charcoal making process:Activation: activated carbon semi-finished product activation.

   Brief introduction of charcoal making process:In the oxidizing environment, the carbonized material heating, in the production of activated carbon products. When the temperature of the oxidation process at 800-900 DEG C, generally with steam or carbon dioxide as oxidant; when the oxidation temperature is below 600 DEG C, generally using air as oxidant. In the process of activation, hydrocarbon burned carbon adsorption of the H atom, the original space on the edge of the burned up to expand the role of the pore, and the pore and pore between burn. Activated carbon has become a good porous structure.

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