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What are the characteristics of corner protectors for walls?

Mar 16, 2016

   Introduction of corner protectors for walls:As the name suggests,corner protectors for walls is used to protect the corner. Corner protection is often neglected by people,when your new house began to grow old,even if it is protected very well, there is always the corner bump, then there is a point to think of protection.The new consumer advocate: We want to protect the corner as the key project. 

   What are the characteristics of corner protectors for walls?

   1.The decorative effect is good,it is a grade, it can play to the effect of high imitation solid wood, it is atmospheric and beautiful, it does not like acrylic bead,which seems to be plastic texture and not be worthy.The opaque design of corner protectors for walls not only can protect the corner,but also can block the broken corner,and it doesn't like transparent corner,it has a variety of colors,it is the maximum and your Home Furnishing style matching.

   2. The installation of corner protectors for walls is simple and environmentally friendly,glass glue can be used only to stick it on, men, women and children can install it, it does not need professional tools and technology.It saves time and money.And it doesn't punch, it does not damage the wall, it is not like acrylic to drill drilling,the corner protectors for walls have  no screw hole,they are more perfect.   

   3. Corner protectors for walls are environmentally safe and durable, plastic wood is strong and durable, it is not easy deformation, it's not like glass cornerite as brittle risk, it is not like the bending deformation of the acrylic and it is environmentally friendly, it does not contain formaldehyde, it does not like some inferior acrylic corner which has different taste.

   4. Corner protectors for walls have high cost performance, wood although there are so many advantages, the price is not high and the quality of our corner is on sale promotion, it can be said is high-quality corner the cheapest, ultra-high price
   What are the characteristics of corner protectors for walls?What do you have in mind? Welcome to share it with us.

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