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How to paste the corner guards for walls?

Mar 16, 2016

   In the decoration, some kindergartens and families do not have good planning, there is no good treatment to the corner and the corner,it left a hidden danger for the safety of children,corner guards for walls are kinds of green building materials protection,which are special kindergarten and children's room.Here we introduce how to paste the corner guards for walls.
   The corner guards for walls protect the integrity of the corner,if we accidentally knocked off the wall,which make us very distressed.The places which weer often touched by us is very easy to change black,the child ran down,which is also easy to hit the corner, the corner can play a protective role.

   Glass corner guards for walls: People generally start with self-made, 2 pieces of glass clip in the corner of the 2 side, to prevent a collision.Disadvantages:

   1, but if the impact will cause the glass broken, it will hurt people.

   2, because it is a homemade products, it has no color, in recent years, manufacturers have started production of glass bead, but they are still 2 piece combination, their impact resistance is not enhanced, although it increases the flower color, but the proportion is stiff.

   3 corners is unable to smooth processing, it is easy to scratch.

   4, it is heavier. PVC angle: this kind of product is rarely used in the home, industrial use more, impact resistant ability, no color.
   How to paste the corner guards for walls?First of all, we must be prepared for tools / materials:Glass glue, tape, retaining wall.

   How to paste the corner guards for walls?The method / procedure is as follows:

   1: Brush glue paste:In the paste wall angle, we want to use glass glue on the market, we are evenly brush glue on the parapet and corner angle;

   2 tape:After brushing glue, we need fix on the outer corner of the tape,which can prevent the glue solidification without retaining wall off;

   3 remove the tape:About 24 hours or so, you can put down the tape retaining wall surface.

   Matters needing attention:In order to keep the wall clean and smooth.

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