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Why do we use stainless steel drill bit?

Mar 15, 2016

   High cobalt bit, hard alloy drill and stainless steel drill bit can drill stainless steel.
Hard alloy bit: a drill used for core drilling. A hard alloy cutting tool with tungsten carbide is named as a cylinder shaped drill bit. Hard alloy cutting tool shape and the drill bit is embedded and welded number arranged, insert welding angle different, called the bottom of the blade, and blade edge out, to ensure water and a powder discharge gap. The upper part of the drill body is threaded connection tube, a drill bit body are arranged at the side part of the sink, the bottom surface is provided with a nozzle lip. The water tank and the water outlet are all the circulation of the flushing liquid, which can eliminate the effect of the rock powder and the cooling bit. In order to enlarge the gap, the inner and outer side wall of the hard alloy bit is welded with the rib, and the rib type drill bit is said to be in the form of the clay layer and the shale layer. Needle shaped hard alloy self sharpening bit can be used in high abrasive hard formation. Rock drillability grade II VII formation in general hard alloy drill bit drilling; acicular hard alloy drill can drill the VI VIII class rocks.

   Stainless steel drill bit is characterized by high toughness,the stainless steel drill bitis easy to stick knife. So the stainless steel drill bit hardness is high, its surface finish is better than ordinary bits,is larger than the ordinary bit angle(130--135 degrees). At the same time the cooling should be sufficient. And feed more than 0.15mm as much as possible without cutting in cold hardened layer. The cutting speed is as low as possible to reduce the cutting temperature. The cutting fluid is concentrated in the emulsion. Commonly used in the processing of stainless steel drill bit is: high cobalt bit (M35 bit, M42 bit), which is the best M42 bit. In addition, hard alloy bit can be used, but the price is higher

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