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What scissors are the scissors best?

Mar 15, 2016

  Scissors, is the necessary tool in people's daily life, it has a long history, in ancient times, our ancestors used animal bones to make shear cutting, cutting tools, the earliest the book of songs is "to be umbrageous Gan Tang, not bentgrass not cutting "records in our country. Since that time there is a "cut", there must be real object, but not baseless. In our country, the first unearthed scissors in kind is more than 1100 years ago, the Western Han dynasty. The shape is like now tweezers. The scissors best we use today are in the shape of the Northern Song Dynasty.

   The scissors best is the prestigious Shanxi Taiyuan's "scissors and scissors". It is said that it has been famous in the Western Jin dynasty. In addition, we Zhejiang Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan and Beijing Wang Mazi scissors scissors. According to legend, Zhang Xiaoquan scissors are the scissors best , because he caught two Wulong in Hangzhou Dajing Lane because of the snake in the dajing. According to legend, Zhang Xiaoquan  caught the black snake because he is good at water, in Hangzhou Town God's Temple mountain Lane opened a black dragon shop. One day, two black snakes to lay the little, made the water dirty. Zhang Xiaoquan was bold to wells,caught two snake . He was inspired by a snake, shears, scissors and invented the scissors best and the scissors were famous. After Zhang Xiaoquan's death, his son, apprentice with the "Zhang Xiaoquan scissors" as a sign, spread so far. Actually, people put Zhang Koizumi scissors as the ancestor, mainly praising his first pair of scissors of "forging steel inlaid playing" process, there are major innovations in the reason.

In the folk bogey, scissors is a weapon. But in the folk art with scissors cut in g or role, it is a special kind of magic. A pair of scissors, which can be applied to any occasion which needs to be turned into evil. For example, in the custom of folk medicine, often in medicine or put the scissors best in the pot on the way, which is v loimic ghost town. The folk belief, sometimes by the structures and people, sometimes by people transitivity, transformation of man and God. Therefore, the along with the deification of a special veneration.

Today, in our Yongkang, scissors has become "four knife" (four blades is kitchen knife, scissors, knives, file), composed by the knife, scissors, shovel, spoon, planing and other tableware has become Jiapin gifts to friends and relatives. By virtue of powerful domestic hardware industry agglomeration advantages and China Science and Technology Hardware City, China Hardware Expo brand effect, the tool can also become the national production base, it made due contributions on the prosperity and development of Yongkang hardware industry .

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