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What is the classification of power capacitors?

Mar 15, 2016

   Power capacitors are capacitors which are used in power system and electrical equipment.Any two pieces of metal conductor, which are separated by an insulating medium, that is, a capacitor. The capacitance of a capacitor is determined by its geometrical size and the characteristics of the insulating medium between the two plates. When the capacitor is used under AC voltage, we often take the reactive power that the capacity of the capacitor, the unit is deficient or kilovar.

   What is the classification of power capacitors?According to its use, the power capacitors can be divided into 8 kinds:

   1, shunt capacitor. It's a phase shifter.It is mainly used to compensate reactive power of power system, so as to improve the power factor and improve the voltage quality and reduce the line loss.

   2, series capacitor.In the power frequency high voltage transmission and distribution line,series is used to line compensation distribution of inductance and improve the system of static, dynamic stability, improve voltage quality, longer transmission distance and increasing the transportation capacity.

   3, coupling capacitor. It is mainly used for the high frequency communication, measurement, control, protection and the use of the power of the high voltage power line.

   4, circuit breaker capacitor. Original pressure equalization capacitor. In the high voltage circuit breaker, the fracture surface of the high voltage circuit breaker plays the role of pressure, so that the voltage between the fracture surface is uniform, and the arc extinguishing property of the circuit breaker can be improved, and the breaking capacity can be improved.

   5, electrothermal capacitor. For the frequency of 24000 ~ 40 Hz in the electric equipment system, in order to improve the power factor, improve the circuit voltage or frequency and so on.

   6, pulse capacitor. It is mainly used as the energy storage function, which is used as the basic energy storage element, such as shock voltage generator, impulse current generator, circuit breaker test and so on.

   7, DC and filter capacitors. It is used in high voltage direct current device and high voltage rectification filter.

   Do you know the other classification of power capacitors?

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