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What do you think the best sewing scissors?

Mar 15, 2016

   Scissors are a double-edged tool of cutting cloth, paper, steel, wire, steel, such as flake or linear objects, staggered two edged, opening and closing. Although the appearance of the scissors is not surprising, but it has a wide range of use. When the knife, shovel and other tools are fail to make the force in time, the scissor can easily solve the difficulty. Scissors have become a tool for people's daily production and life. Tailor use the best sewing scissors to cut cloth cut line, countrywoman to paper cutting, sheet metal shears, herdsmen shearing, the gardener to cut branches and brass to scissors...

Name of surgical instruments. Used to cut off the pterygium,

blood, skin, film, etc., made of iron and steel.

   Modern household scissors using V as its materials,the women usually use the best sewing scissors ,tailoring thickness can realize the existing ordinary scissors several times, because .

The perfect combination , scissors tip can be more than 5000 times the number of cut. This kind of scissors in the processing technology uses the vanadium metal characteristic, the vanadium is the iron and steel industry important alloy additive. Vanadium steel with high strength, toughness, ductility and heat resistance, the general family use the best sewing scissors may be exempted from grinding scissors knife brake. Chinese contemporary famous scissors, when the number of Beijing "Wangmazi" and Hangzhou "Zhang Xiaoquan", so it is called "Bei Wang Nan Zhang". Zhang Xiaoquan scissors(best sewing scissors) has three hundred years of history, three hundred years of credibility, but also known as the crown of scissors". Early in 1910 Nanyang first kangyou will (Department fairs), Zhang Koizumi scissors(best sewing scissors was awarded the silver medal, in 1919 the Panama International Fair and 1923 domestic exhibition respectively, it obtained gold medal and special award. In recent years, the export volume of Zhang Xiaoquan's scissors has been greatly increased and has been favored by the people all over the world,so it is called best sewing scissors.

   It has 360 years of history "Wangmazi" scissors, in recent years, but because of various reasons the decline. This also from the other side shows that the promotion of historical and cultural protection, the importance of the development of the "old".

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