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Tile punch hand:ceramic tile drill bit

Mar 15, 2016

 Have you heard the ceramic tile drill bit ?Well,you may say no .Have you realized there are many thing you know nothing about them ,actually, in our daily life , there many ordinary but useful tools,and if you know a litttle bit more about it,sometimes it may help you to solve a big deal!So you should pay more attention to those things. Seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function,the ceramic tile drill bit can drill holes on the ceramic tile,so it is called tne ceramic tile drill bit.And the ceramic tile drill bit is usually made by grass.

   As long as ten minutes, you can learn to use the ceramic tile drill bit to punch holes in the ceramic tiles

   1. Make full use of space. - practical first, beautiful second.

   2. You need to drill the location of pre calibration, to ensure that the level of. (note that the corresponding position in the wall do not have water and electricity lines)

   3. Glass bit special for ceramic tile.It is suitable for full ceramic tile drill bit. Of course, half porcelain can also be used to.

   4. Use glass drill in the ceramic tile holes, the first tilt direction to make a pit pit; otherwise the tile is too smooth not good localization; or not all ceramic tile, with the nail directly to make a small pit to;

   5. In fact, the set of a shallow mark can be removed to locate the hole plate, and then. In advance to prepare a bottle, the bottle cap drill holes, filling the bottle filled with water. Then, when drilling to the water and the water into the contact part of the tile, especially the whole ceramic tile, must have water oh.

   6. It's not necessary to change the impact drill bit. Hit through the tiles, continue to play the depth of the screw. Pay attention to a hole, take the glass drill bit, the hollow part of the drill bit to clear the hollow. (all ceramic tiles in particular to do this step).

   7. Plug the plug into the hole.

   8. Tighten the screws. - not purchase supporting screws online,it is not strong,

  9. OK - take a look, there are ten minutes?

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