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The useful electronicapacitors inour life

Mar 15, 2016

    Electronic capacitors,electronic capacitors are used in electronic system and electrical equipment. Any two pieces of metal conductor, separated by an insulating medium, that is, a capacitor. The capacitance of electronic capacitors is determined by its geometrical size and the characteristics of the insulating medium between the two plates.

   Intelligent electronic capacitors integrated modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communications, automation control,electronic capacitors and other advanced technology. Changed the traditional reactive power compensation device,it changed the traditional reactive power compensation device,which is bulky and unwieldy structure mode, so that a new generation of low voltage reactive power compensation device has a better compensation effect, smaller volume, lower power consumption, cheaper prices, saving cost more, the use is more flexible and more convenient for the maintenance, longer service life, higher reliability, adapted to the modern power grid of reactive power compensation and higher requirements.

   The electronic capacitors  have indispensable energy storage element in the electronic circuit. It has the characteristic of separating the direct current, connecting the communication and stopping the low frequency. It is widely used in coupling, separation, bypass, filtering, tuning, energy conversion and automatic control circuit. Be familiar with the meaning of the capacitor ,it will help us to understand the electronic circuit diagram.

   1.filter capacitor: it is connected between the positive and negative electrodes of DC power supply, to filter out the AC components which are not needed in DC power supply. In general, large capacity electrolytic capacitors can be used in the circuit, and other types of small capacitance capacitors can be used to filter high frequency AC power.
   2. Back coupling capacitor,it connected to the amplifying circuit of the power between the positive and negative, prevent formed by the internal resistance of the power.

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