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The story of a small sewing scissors

Mar 15, 2016

Manual class, is the class that the majority of students like , but I have a class in a (3) met with a saying "do not like" the child, the child's name is Chen Bowen.

So I called Chen Bowen to her side and asked, "do you really like to do it by hand?"" At this time, he muttered: "i... I... There is a little bit... Little bit... Like." "Oh, you're still a little bit like that, right?" I said hurriedly. "Yes." He answered. I asked again: "then why don't you do it?"" He hesitated for a moment, and finally said the real reason: no small sewing scissors.I stopped asking, and I lent my small sewing scissors to him, and I could see that he was very surprised and excited. Because, when he is ready to accept the teacher criticism, but accidentally get a pair of scissors! The next time, Chen Bowen did very seriously......
A class, Chen Bowen put small sewing scissors respectfully gave it back to me, and put his handiwork "Mask" to me. Wow! This time his work is surprisingly good, whether it is cut, painting, or paste, are meticulous, took the effort of. I gave him a good star without hesitation ".

No scissors and do not like it seems to have nothing to do, but it happens that our students to the "no scissors" to say "do not like", which is probably the test of our teacher. If I had heard that "he doesn't like to do it by hand" and was scolded or brushed aside, what was the result? As one can imagine.

After Chen Bowen active with me say the reason, he said: said to forget to take small sewing scissors, not only the teacher will criticize and classmates will say his memory is not good; while the latter reasons more fully, because they do not like to do, so I don't take the small sewing scissors. This is I had guessed, so I didn't get to the bottom. Our children have to face ah. Love is a student, not necessarily on the life being, is not necessarily learning help...... Sometimes it is also reflected in the moment of the subtle place: with a tolerant heart, to deal with the shortcomings of the child and even wrong. Later in the day, I always take the scissors into the classroom.

Sometimes, the tolerance of the moral shock caused by more intense than punishment.

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