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The red wheel barrow is very cool

Mar 15, 2016

  Do you think the red wheel barrow cool?And why do you like the red wheel barrow? Because the color of the red wheel barrow?But now you should know something about the red wheel barrow.
   A wheel is a symbol of the wheel barrow. Since the laws of gravity,it is easily toppling,but it is very strange,people in ancient China with its load, manned long and stable light. Therefore, its creators and the first driver must be knowledgable mechanical engineer. As for unicycle thill, the length of flat oblique, height of the supporting rod, straight and inclined and the wheel cover of elliptic, almost anywhere vary, vary with people.

   Although freight car wheel has appeared 5000 years ago, the invention of the wheelbarrow usually traced back to China, although this, there are many disputes. China wheel barrow was described in second Century the earliest Han Dynasty cemetery murals and brick tombs found in relief. In Sichuan, Chengdu in a mural for 118 years in the tomb, people found painted people pushing a wheel barrow.

   Run in the narrow road, the traffic load than the human and animal power pack several times greater than this. This kind of car can work in rural areas, and easy to walk in the rugged path and hills. Marshaanl Chen Yi once said, the Huai Hai Campaign was wheeled out of the people of Shandong. This not only refers to the wheel barrow. It is this wheel barrow, also reflects the strength of the people.

   (1) virtual standard technical indicators,so inferior tire of the tire pressure is not credible, even an expert with the eyes to see out of the tire width dare vacuity, for example: 20*1.75 marked 20*1.95.

  (2) a donkey, psychographic, seize the consumers of amateurs, advocating high-end mountain bikes in the heart, they shaped the tire into mountain bike tire, off-road tires.

  (3) the concept of speculation, the expiration of the customer. The most typical is the color of the tire (commonly known as the bad color of foam). Do not you see meet the eye everywhere 100 yuan, 200 yuan of inferior inferior wheel barrow tyre of the bicycle installation. Color tire in poor quality of the worst.So you should not only look the appearance and decide to buy the red wheel barrow.

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