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The material scissors and the medical scissors

Mar 15, 2016

  As we all know, in our life ,material scissors are the most ordinary in many kinds of scissors.The scissor has many tapes, such as material scissors,plastic scissors,electric scissors, the material of  material scissors are mainly steel, general by two parts composition, the blade thumb control activities, ring finger control the blade still, two parts have a single screw fixation

   Gentleman does not see, whenever is important activities and major projects of opening, construction, completion, the inauguration ceremony, flags fluttering, drums and gongs,they usually consists of a number of beauty  with their hands holding red silk for people to cut the ribbon. Qualified to cut,the highest position of the guest will be the identity of persons present , the general number of government officials. So, at this time of the scissors is not only a symbol of power and dignity, but also means that this project has been approved by the government departments and support, this pair of material scissors seems to have a little "official" role.

   Medical scissors

   Not all the ribbon cutting are full of comedy color, also have a pair of scissors and go, but a farce to even farce to open the curtain records. Xinhua said that Jilin City new TongZhou company suspected of illegal fund-raising 2.24 billion yuan major cracked, 27 suspects arrested. In this case, deceived the masses involved in Jilin, Liaoning and Anhui, a total of more than 5500 people in 3 provinces. And had personally played and cut the ribbon for the establishment of the cheater company and in later the name of government out "investment" is the concerned leader of Jilin City. In fact, the "liar" boss had a criminal record, officials if in advance to inquire about the true face of the person, perhaps will not dare hand hold material scissors openly to for the event publicity, misleading people "shares" cheated. The scissors down, cut where only a red silk, thousands of people get rich dream clear cut pieces, will also them to the government trust shear at sixes and sevens.
Visible, in the wrong direction, harbor evil intentions, scissors will become "error knife man" even "harm knife", so the scissors should be placed the baby in a connection to the place, the public servant who has a chance in the lively ceremony of colored silks hold cutting, must not be just for the sake of scenery 1:00 even a momentary touch light then, squinting his eyes, casual "Kacha".

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