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The metal cutting scissors of Zhang Xiaoquan'scissors

Mar 15, 2016

  Zhang Xiaoquan scissors is the best old brand.Steel is the mainly material of the scissors.
Ming Chongzhen, Guizhou Anhui County rate Zhang Xiaoquan Zhang Jingao to Hangzhou Dajing Lane ancestral production scissors. Due to the adoption of Zhejiang Longquan use steel as raw material scissors, after elaborate, playing out front scissors fast and durable, out of the ordinary. Take the name of Zhang Dalong scissors, two years of emperor Kangxi, change the name to "Zhang Xiaoquan". After the death of Mr. Koizumi and his son Zhang Jingao inherited his father's career, in order to protect the interests of their own, under the name "Zhang Koizumi" and "near" the word, depending on the authentic. Qianlong, Zhang Xiaoquan nearly remember scissors has been listed as a tribute. Qing Xuantong three years, Zhang Xiaoquan with "Haiyun bath" registration. To on the eve of the liberation, Zhang Koizumi scissors shop on the verge of closure, 1956 Zhang Koizumi and other 32 scissors shop implement public-private partnerships, built Zhang Koizumi near record scissors factory. In June 1958, changed its name to Zhang Xiaoquan near the material scissors factory. Zhang Xiaoquan scissors expected to pay attention to the election, it is uniform as the material scissors: steel inlaid, grinders, fine, sharp abnormality, exquisite style, durable and celebrated, famous both at home and abroad.

   Previously, people still don't know with scissors, cut with a knife, with a knife cut wire, very convenient. After Zhang Xiaoquan made the scissors, tailoring shear line is much more convenient. So we to Mr. Koizumi blacksmith shop to buy a pair of scissors, almost crowded broken this small shop, flattening the store threshold,light scissors to late to sell.

Zhang Xiaoquan scissors later became larger and larger, selling more and more widely, has become a famous specialty of Hangzhou. After Zhang Xiaoquan died, his three sons, each of the doors, three blacksmith shop with "Zhang Xiaoquan scissors" signs. Mr. Koizumi has also received many disciples, they know, said: "Abba, the sign of the son is good, or apprentice chef the brand!" So, also hang up this sign to. Son biography son, apprentice apprentice, Hangzhou, Zhang Xiaoquan scissors shop is also more and more, the number is countless. There are a number of loopholes, posing as the descendants of Zhang Xiaoquan or the apprentice, but also linked to the same signs. So later, Hangzhou cutlery shop are linked to the color, "Zhang Xiaoquan scissors shop signs.

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