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The different wheel barrow parts

Mar 15, 2016

   Do you know how many different wheel barrow parts the wheelbarrows have? Now let's we know about the wheel barrow parts and the functions of wheel barrow parts.

   The wheelbarrow is a important part of composition,the wheel barrow parts inchude: round (including tire and tube, wheel rim, spokes, a wheel, a wheel shaft), a crank, a pedal, fork frame, sitting Sook straight column, no seat sit Sook.The different wheel barrow parts have different functions. Unicycle and a bicycle wheel is the same, just to use specially designed unicycle wheels, the wheel can be fixed. The wheelbarrow to only one wheel as a symbol. Because of the law of gravity,it is very easy to overturn.As for unicycle thill, the length of flat oblique, height of the supporting rod, straight and inclined and the wheel cover of elliptic, almost anywhere vary, vary with people.

   The structure of the single wheel cart is composed of two parts, namely, the wheel and the body. Initially, the wheels and the body, making materials are wood, including rim (name of rim), a hub, a spoke and axle. Casing thickness and wear-resisting, long service life, inner tyre can be inflated, which bimu wheel light more wheels have the flexibility to, pushing people are saving more.

   Electric unicycle is a means of transport on a power driven and self balance control. The rapid development in society today,

traffic congestion in many cities has become a common phenomenon, a stylish and convenient electric unicycle, allowing you to enjoy the shuttle in the busy relaxed and happy and work fast.
Electric unicycle is energy saving and environmental protection, a new generation of portable vehicle. Charging for 3-4 hours, can travel 15-30 kilometers, short distance travel is very convenient, it can replace the bus and subway. Electric wheelbarrow compact shape and easy to carry, can be directly put into the trunk of the car, referred to the home or office.
Under the background of the increasingly serious environmental pollution, electric wheelbarrow as a new environmentally friendly means of transport, promote green travel, low-carbon environmental protection philosophy of life.

   Driving 5


1) open power;

2) a hand to hold the handle, the electric wheelbarrow upright on the ground, and two foot plate;

3) short press the power button can be electric unicycle on the power, at this time the green light;

4) if you find the red light, please do not try to ride;

5) pulling the handle several times before and after the wheel forward backward, feeling the strength of the wheel acceleration and deceleration.

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