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The characteristics of audio grade capacitors

Mar 15, 2016

 Over the years, I used lots of audio grade capacitors,now, I'm going to have a rough talk about the characteristics and style that they have different from each other.

   The characteristics of audio grade capacitors---Si bi metal shell oil

   The sound of the capacitor is more delicate and warm,it belongs to the typical traditional taste, it is very ordinary but it will not make people feel tired.In the secondary market, there are a lot of such capacity, there are axial and square type centralized package type, the price is quite low, it is suitable for entry DIY to use. 

   The characteristics of audio grade capacitors---Scarlett angelpal beauty vitamin Q oil

   I quite like the capacitance, the amount of second-hand market is also quite a lot of. The shell is printed with the words Q Vitamin.Axial and oil tanks are the most common,the price is moderate, it is a good choice for the mill.The axial and the appearance of the VQ is similar to ordinary metal shell oil,but it is very big and heavy, it was said that the capacitor is silver film, it does not have a specific.

   The sound of Si Bi VQ is quite soft, it sounds a unique luster, high pitched sound just right, low frequency also appears more fluffy and flexible, the traditional taste is full,it is very suitable for the voice and the sound of the.However, the use of the capacitor must not be excessive, my experience is a halving of the parameters in the circuit diagram, otherwise the sound is too fat and slow and sluggish, it affects your mood.VQ is used as the output coupling by the classic MC275. 

   The characteristics of audio grade capacitors---MIT PPFXS foil

   MIT two level of capacitance, the sound is neutral, thick and rich in detail, it also belongs to the dynamic. But I always feel it lacks feelings, coupled with the high price,which makes a bit tasteless gesture of taste.

   The characteristics of audio grade capacitors---MIT RTX foil

   The MIT of the climax series, price is quite expensive,it is more bigger and heavier  than two level PPFXS.

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