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The best scissors for cutting fabric

Mar 14, 2016

  The scissors is a good tool in our daliy life.

   The best scissors for cutting fabric should be properly maintained and be used skillfully,which can keep its sharp for long periods of time. After well spread  the fabric in the cuttig bed, left hand lightly pressing the fabric, right hand holding the best scissors for cutting fabric. In the process of clipping remember not to lift scissors, or two or more layers of cut pieces shear mouth will be wrong, resulting in cutting error. In addition, the pair do not shake hands in the air or cut about inclined shear blade, so as not to directly rub or bite the edges.

   Method for selecting the best scissors for cutting fabric. To make two or more layers of fabric cutting accuracy, you should choose a special scissors, the most commonly used is 24-28 cm length, that is marked with 10, 11, 12, scissors. The key to identify the quality of scissorsis: to cut the edge of the blade as the focus, first look at the two blade to sharp, the upper blade is in a straight line state, the next blade slightly curve, two blade head to flush. Second: two blades is equal width and thickness, and then in the grip handle in the hands of a good feeling, do not wear the hands, is not uncomfortable, with the above conditions,it is the ideal of the scissors.

Also small scissors and cut yarn is essential, mainly used for hand sewing or sewing a small fraction of the shear line or thread. In some parts of the need to fight cut a mouth is also very convenient. To choose the correct cutting edge, good flexibility of small scissors.

So, a pair of best scissors for cutting fabric with a good BBB yarn scissors is a perfect combination of.

Why the best scissors for cutting fabric can not be used for cutting paper,because  cut the paper edge the scissors will become slippery, cut the cloth will slip, shear not cloth, cloth cuttng scissors not fast how to do? There is a good way, you get a piece of aluminum foil, where is it? The inside of the cigarette foil, gum foil, wrapped in foil for microwave oven baking. And has no sharp edges of a pair of scissors and foil, cut cut cut, just cut, cut it so ten, twenty,until the scissors is sharp, or folded the aluminum well, fold a little thick, then cut cut cut, this multiplier.have you get the new tip?

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