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Structural features of the oil drill bit

Mar 14, 2016

   Oil drill bit is an important tool for oil well drilling. It is used for drilling oil when it is used for oil drilling. The performance of the oil drill bit will directly affect the quality of drilling, drilling efficiency and drilling cost.

   Oil drill bit design is mostly according to practical experience, combined with trial and error method,so design and calculation is repeated, so the design of low accuracy, long cycle, to improve design quality, and for each calculation can only design a bit, the efficiency is low. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a set of CAD system, which can realize the parametric drawing of the oil drill bit. The overall design oil drill bit parametric drawing system by modular programming method, the whole system is divided into four function modules: user interface module, bit tooth surface structure design module, database management module, parametric drawing module. User interface design, the use of embedded in the VBA AutoCAD two development tools to achieve. The user input the relevant parameters of the oil drill bit design through the user interface module to realize the man-machine information exchange. The main function of the tooth surface structure design module is to complete the design data calculation of complex oil drill bit,and it according to the theory of oil bit design. The database management module is built up by Access 2003 in the form of data tables.

   Structural feature editing

   1, with the floating bearing structure, the floating element is made of high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance characteristics of the new material, the surface of the solid lubricant treatment. Reducing the temperature rise of the friction surface can effectively improve the bearing life and reliability, under the condition of high drilling pressure or high speed drilling technology.

   2, the use of high precision metal seal. Metal sealed by a pair of elaborate design and processing of metal sealing ring as the bearing axial dynamic seal ,and two high elasticity of rubber for ring are respectively located in the teeth of the palms ,the cone sealing area as static sealing, optimized seal compression to ensure sealing surface is always kept in good contact of the two metal rings.

   3, ball locking cone, adapt to the high speed.

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