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Related matters needing attention of drill bit sharpeners

Mar 14, 2016

   Brief introduction of drill bit sharpeners:Drill grinder is used for grinding 3-75mm big drill machine. At the same time, it also can be grinding mill, tap, chamfering, grinding workpiece outer circle, high precision, and the operation is very convenient.

   Principle of drill bit sharpeners:It uses precision six claws, at the same time, it cooperates with the worm wheel to rotate to grind the cutting tool.

   Characteristics of drill bit sharpeners:

   1,It may be grinding 3mm-32mm bit, class bit, NC drill, tap, chamfering cutter, end face milling cutter, round bar, tool.
   2 when grinding different materials of the tool, as long as the rotary motor, you can begin to re grinding, it can increase the safety and reduce the grinding wheel and the dressing of the time.

   3 it adopts precision 6 jaw chuck, a clamping can complete the grinding, grinding is set simple, accurate and fast.

   4 its operation is simple.

   Routine maintenance method of drill bit sharpeners:

   1. When we dressing wheel,we must use paper or other cover to chuck around 1,then, just to show the drill bit, so it can avoid the debris into the gap in the grinding wheel chuck.

   2 when the chuck clamps the drill bit, not too hard, as long as gently lock.

   3 spindle hole must keep the light, it will not rust.

   4 No. 51 skateboard must refuel once a week, we can use any lubricating oil brand. If the machine is used continuously every day, it is necessary to open the dust cover of the 51 sliding plate for about 2-3 months to check whether it is clean or not.
   5 the surface of the cam must be kept clean and lubricated.

   6 when using the coolant, we must use the green grinding fluid, we can not use the viscosity is too high cutting fluid.
   Matters needing attention of drill bit sharpeners:

   1 safety precautions should be made to hold electrician operation certificate of professional personnel for electrical installation or maintenance.

2 check the voltage and frequency on the nameplate is consistent and power.

3 the power plug of the machine tool. The pins on the socket should be reliable, no loosening or poor contact.

4. Don't abuse wires, don't yank the socket of the power supply line, the wire should place away from heat, greasy, sharp edges. 

5 when there is a malfunction or abnormal sound response immediately shut off the machine in front of the control switch and then carry out inspection and repair.


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