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Introduction of stone drill bit

Mar 14, 2016

   There are many kinds of drill bit,some of them can drill stones , and I'd like to call them the stone drill bits.And the stone drill bitis usually small but stuff.

   China famous brand. Pick of Pingxiang Mining Tools Factory production of ultra high strength alloy pickaxe and knife type cutting tooth, fully using the world's advanced NC cutter production line, combined with China's practice, take the cutting teeth of the essence of the industry, from superior to inferior, with the world's first plasma spray coating technology, the best material, the strict production process, the new unique proprietary methods enable welding cutting performance to achieve the best production of cut tooth series products are no spark pick, pick type wear-resistant cutter, knife type cutting tooth, ultra high strength and abrasion resistance, long service life, no spark, is not easy to break, for users to reduce the cost and improve the safety coefficient.

   The stone drill bit is made of tungsten carbide powder, which is made by pressing and sintering with the cobalt powder as the binder. Tungsten carbide is usually 94%, containing 6% cobalt. Due to its high hardness, very wear-resistant, there is a certain strength, suitable for high-speed cutting. But poor toughness, very brittle, in order to improve the performance of the hard alloy, some use in the matrix carbide chemical vapor phase deposited a layer of 5 to 7 micrometers of ultra hard titanium carbide (TIC) or titanium nitride (TIN) the has higher hardness. Some ion implantation technology, titanium, nitrogen, and carbon into its matrix of a certain depth, not only improve the hardness and strength of the stone drill bit heavy and these injection components can also be moved inside. There is a physical method to generate a layer of diamond film at the top of the drill bit, which greatly improves the hardness and wear resistance of the bit. The hardness and strength of cemented carbide is not only related to the ratio of tungsten carbide and cobalt, but also to the particles of the powder. Ultra fine particles of carbide bits, the average size of tungsten carbide grains in the following 1 microns. This kind of bit, not only the hardness is high and the compression strength and the bending strength all increased. In order to save costs now many bit by welding handle structure, the original bit as a whole are hard alloy, now at the rear part of the shank using stainless steel, and the cost is greatly reduced but due to different materials using the dynamic concentric less than the degree of the whole hard alloy bit, especially in small diameter

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