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Introduction of sanyo capacitors

Mar 14, 2016

   Brief introduction of sanyo capacitors:The structure of sanyo capacitors is basically the same as that of the common tantalum electrolytic capacitor, the biggest difference is that the electrolyte adopts the conductive polymer material.The positive electrode is made of tantalum sintered body, which fully exerts the characteristics of high dielectric coefficient of tantalum.It not only realizes the large capacity of the small capacitor, but also uses the conductive polymer material to realize the lower ESR and the improvement of the reliability.Its rated voltage is 2.5V-25V, the capacity is 2.2 F -1000 F, ESR minimum can reach 5m. 

   Sanyo capacitors have high heat resistance:The heat resistance of the conductive polymer is high, which can lead to the temperature requirement of lead free reflow soldering.Line design should pay attention to: POSCAP is the polarity of the capacitor, the reverse voltage will cause leakage current increase or short circuit.In addition, even in the specification, the provisions of the conditions, POSCAP reflow soldering, the leakage current is also likely to become large.Not impose high voltage without load cycle tests will lead to increased leakage current,therefore, it is prohibited to keep the high impedance circuit, coupling circuit, timing circuit, leakage current will bring a large impact on the line, the use of the series circuit beyond the rated voltage. 

   Sanyo capacitors have a longer life span:Because the electrolyte is solidified by the polymer, the polymer has a long service life.Better thermal stability will not be the electrolyte of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, such as the phenomenon of dry electrolyte. At the ambient temperature of 105 POSCAP and rated voltage, the high temperature load test of 10000 hours shows that the characteristics of the ESR and the capacity of the high temperature load is very small.

   Sanyo capacitors have high security:Due to the electrolyte does not contain oxygen atoms,when the short circuit occurs,compared with the electrolyte capacitor which use manganese dioxide,POSCAP is not easy to burn, it has higher security.

   Sanyo capacitors have excellent temperature characteristics:The conductivity of the conductive polymer electrolyte thatis used in POSCAP is affected by the temperature, so that the ESR is basically not affected by temperature.

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