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Introduction of polystyrene capacitors

Mar 14, 2016

  Brief introduction of polystyrene capacitors:Polystyrene capacitor is the choice of electronic grade polystyrene film as medium and high conductivity aluminum foil as the electrode wound into a cylindrical, which were collected into heat shrinkable sealing fabrication.Its capacity range (100pF~0.01uF), it has a negative temperature coefficient, insulation resistance up to 100G, very low leakage current and so on. It is used in all kinds of precision measuring instruments, car radio, industrial proximity switch, high precision digital analog conversion circuit.

   Structure introduction of polystyrene capacitors:polystyrene capacitors are organic film capacitor, whose medium is polystyrene film, and the electrode has two kinds of metal foil and metal film.Due to the film in a polystyrene is a contraction of the orientation film, so the forming winding capacitor can be made non seal structure by thermal polymerization shrinkage method.For those capacitors with high accuracy and sealed, we use a metal or plastic enclosure for filling.A capacitor made of a metal film electrode is called a metal polystyrene film capacitor.

   Characteristics of polystyrene capacitors:polystyrene capacitors has the following characteristics:

   1, the capacity of the capacitor is wide. It is generally 10pF - 2 F.

   2, the absorption of the medium is very poor absorption, insulation resistance is high, the stability of the capacitor is good.
   3, have good self-healing metallized polystyrene capacitor, but for high frequency circuit when the loss tangent value will increase and the insulation resistance will be greatly reduced.

   4, the temperature coefficient is small, but the heat resistance is poor.

   5, it can be made into a precision capacitor, which allows the deviation of up to + 0.1%.

   6, it can be made into a high voltage capacitor, the maximum operating voltage can reach 40kV.

   7, the production process is simple, the cost is low. The polystyrene film capacitor is suitable for high frequency circuit, but it is not suitable for high frequency and high insulation resistance of high frequency and high insulation resistance. It is suitable for high frequency circuit, but it can be used in high frequency circuit.

   Do you know what other uses do polystyrene capacitors have?

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