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Introduction of high voltage ceramic capacitors

Mar 14, 2016

 What is high voltage ceramic capacitors?
   Definition of high voltage ceramic capacitors:high voltage ceramic capacitors,as the name suggests,it is a capacitor epoxy with dielectric ceramic material as the core.With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology,high voltage ceramic capacitors are mainly refers to the operating AC voltage above 10kV capacitor, or DC voltage to 40kV above the ceramic capacitor. (usually the 250V or 400V Y capacitors are also divided into high voltage ceramic capacitor.)

   Type:According to its use and different appearance,high voltage ceramic capacitors can be divided into lead type, bolt, amphipods, AC, DC type, high power type.Here we mainly elaborate on two aspects: AC applications and DC applications.DC high voltage ceramic capacitors, which are mainly used in the mechanical equipment testing equipment.Such as X-ray, CT, DC high voltage generator,it is mainly for double pressure, partial pressure, filter, coupling, carrier. Due to the use of different occasions, DC high voltage ceramic capacitor on capacitor selection is also different.Usually Y5V, Y5U low frequency dielectric ceramic capacitors are only used in less than 1kHz occasions.They are mainly used in the power frequency 50HZ environment.Y5T, Y5P and other II type ceramic capacitor can be applied in high frequency (30KHZ~100KHZ) environment.N4700 can be applied in high frequency environment above 550KHZ. The higher the material level, the higher the frequency range, such as NP0, N150, N750, etc., can be used in 1GHZ or more.

   Main parameter:
   The DC high voltage ceramic capacitor mainly includes the following parameters:
1 voltage level;
2 capacity level;
3 temperature coefficient;
4 appearance size;
5 frequency characteristic;
6 loss factor;
7 insulation resistance;
8 leakage current;9 resistance;
   Required parameters of high voltage ceramic capacitors:AC high voltage ceramic capacitor is mainly used in the AC voltage of the workplace, such as electric power testing equipment, state grid equipment.
   1 AC working voltage;
2 lightning impulse voltage;
3 partial discharge level;
4 temperature change rate;
5 higher frequency characteristics;
6 loss tangent;
7 voltage linearity characteristic;
8 over current capacity;
9 insulation resistance;
10 leakage current;


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