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Introduction of garden wheelbarrows

Mar 14, 2016

 There are many types of wheelbarrows,the garden wheelbarrows are kind of wheelbarrow.And electric wheelbarrows and so on.

   Garden wheelbarrows are commonly used to hold water and fertilizer, and the garden wheelbarrows can be used for ploughing.The garden wheelbarrows are usually made with wooden or mental,garden wheelbarrows are widely used in farmyard.Actually, every kind of wheelbarrow has its feature.

   With the wheelbarrow gradually becoming famous, more and more people have taken it home. Because each person's ability to balance is not the same and accept ability is not the same, so the configuration of different manufacturers of the balance of the car is different, some are easy for beginners to learn with auxiliary wheel and auxiliary belt, to protect a beginner's personal safety and to help beginners can quickly learn wheelbarrow.

   Electric unicycle car built a gyroscope, used the inverted pendulum system to control and balance of the body, and the body balance but need riders to master their own. Some riders soon can easily learn to ride electric unicycle. Some riders feel a little difficult, after all everyone accept ability is not the same, and then balancing electric vehicle auxiliary wheel play its role.It can help us to solve this problem. The auxiliary wheel, eliminating the beginners heart disorder and fear, soit can make riders quickly master the secrets of electric unicycle riding.

   First, we put the pedal wheelbarrow on both sides of the first open;

Then: put a foot pedal on the auxiliary wheel to the screw hole.

In the end, screw down the screws with a screwdriver. Install the other side in the same way.

Note: auxiliary wheel will increase the resistance to motion of electric unicycle and hamper the flexibility of electric unicycle and power consumption. So it is recommended for beginners to learn to remove the auxiliary wheel in time.

A wheelbarrow auxiliary wheel, we study the balance of electric car is more convenient and faster safer and more assured
   The benefits of electric unicycle:

Occupy less space,easy to carry, convenient operation,

Suitable for congested traffi.

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