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Introduction of drill bit grinder

Mar 14, 2016

orkpiece outer circle.

   Product features of drill bit grinder:
   This machine is a combination of milling cutter and drill bit, a machine used to reduce the number of a few, it is convenient to use, it is economical and practical.

   Grinding is accurate and rapid, and the operation is simple. It can be easily ground without skill.Economic price, it greatly saves the cost, it improves the use efficiency.It is equipped with a diamond grinding wheel in Taiwan, which is precise and durable.Electronic control of the powerful DC motor: frequency is stable, horsepower is strong, it can be used for a long time.It uses the bearing drive, locking device, which guarantees the precision of the grinding angle.
Bit department can drill before grinding, cutting edge Angle (former), it has the apex Angle (apex Angle), clearance Angle (Angle), before cutting edge (positive rake Angle), the center of the chisel edge size can adjust at will,it can replace the center drill, it is more accurate positioning, chip removal easier, drilling more easily.The milling cutter can grind 2 blades, 3 blades, 4 blades, and can also be used to directly open the edge of the tungsten rod.

   Technical parameter of drill bit grinder:
   Scope: drill grinding Department: 4- Department: Phi Phi 14 Phi Phi 14 4- mills

   Apex angle: drill bit: 100 degrees ~135, 5 degrees -30
Speed: 4800RPM
Power supply: 50Hz 180W AC220V

   Standard wheel: CBN or SDC
Standard accessories: 3mm, 5mm six angle wrench
Standard: Phi 3, Phi 4 collet, Phi 5, phi 6, Phi 7, Phi 8, Phi 9, Phi 10, Phi 11, Phi 12, Phi 13, Phi 14 a total of 12
Packing size: 35.5 * 23.5 * 31.5cm

   Gross / net weight: 20kg/18kg

   Operation steps of drill bit grinder:

   Location of milling cutter:

   A. please put the collet nut into fixed length positioning holes, clockwise close completely, turn to the right location.

   B. end milling cutter is inserted into the bottom apex, hit the plane and turn right to push stuck positioning.

   C. please turn right on the chuck seat and lock.

   D. Remove, please hold the fixed clamping nut and rotated slightly to the left. 

   End face grinding:

   Before grinding, please dial the E knob and then return it back to the origin,and then proceed to the appropriate amount of grinding,switch lamp lit, motor to turn an timing, milling fixture placed end angle grinding seat hole, fixed collet nut notch alignment seat grinding of 2 bars, gently push the bottom of grinding, until the grinding sound still removed, then turn 180 DEG or 90 degrees in the same way as grinding to a silent check for.

   Adjustable center escaped clearance Angle of grinding

   The milling fixture group is inserted into the center hole of the grinding seat escape clearance angle to the bottom grinding sound so far still nudge.Adjustable center rotation can be used in different ways to adjust the use of milling cutter, such as the center of the milling cutter grinding method, such as grinding, 2, 3, and the edge milling cutter need to rotate, the 4 blade does not need to rotate.

   Second clearance angle grinding seat

   The milling fixture was inserted from second grinding seat hole nudge to the bottom, until the grinding sound still so far.After grinding sound stationary,take it out, and then rotate 180 degrees or 90 degrees in the same way to silence.

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