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Introduction of carbide tip drill bit

Mar 14, 2016

   The use of high-quality copper tungsten carbide,it can be made of carbide tip drill bit,and the carbide tip drill bit is important in industry, tungsten carbide powder and oxygen free copper powder, pressing and high temperature application
Sintering and infiltration process of copper, ensure the product purity and the accurate proportion, meticulous organization, excellent performance. Arc breaking performance is good, good conductivity, good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion. High temperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, high strength, than the major, thermal conductivity, good, easy machining, and has the characteristics of transpiration cooling, as vacuum contact materials, electrode materials.
This alloy materials is the use of special production process, the uniform and dense, not only has the advantages of tungsten carbide of high melting point, high boiling point, high strength and high hardness, but also has the copper conductive and heat conductivity and contact resistance and other advantages.

Tungsten, copper, tungsten and copper alloys. The copper content of commonly used alloy is 10% ~ 50%.And as a carbide tip drill bit ,the carbide tip drill bit has a high hardness. Powder metallurgy method is used to prepare the alloy, which has good conductivity and heat conductivity, high temperature strength and good plasticity. At a very high temperature, such as more than 3000 degrees Celsius, the copper in the alloy is liquefied, a large number of absorption of heat, reduce the surface temperature of the material. This kind of material, also known as metal sweating material. W-Cu alloy has a wide range of use, mainly used for manufacture of arc ablation resistance of high voltage electric appliance switch contacts , a tail rudder and other high temperature components, is also used in EDM electrode, mold temperature and other thermal conductivity properties and high temperature use occasions.

Tungsten carbide is produced by pressing and sintering process. General tungsten carbide content from 50% to 70% (weight percentage), this material has very high mechanical strength and has excellent resistance to arc erosion ability.So that is the reason why it can ba uesd to make carbide tip drill bit.

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