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How to use electric rock drill bit?

Mar 14, 2016

   Someting you should pay attention to when you are using the electric rock drill bit.

   1, in the opening, the hand wheel in the direction of the arrow slow rotation gently to engage the clutch, when the electric rock drill bit body drilled into the rock and then force the tightening clutch, but can not be forced too fierce. Drill to the required depth,it should be quickly reverse rotation of the hand wheel to stop moving forward. Again according to the arrow reverse tightening clutch, host quickly return, until the electric rock drill bit completely out of the hole to stop drilling, otherwise it is easy to damage the electic rock drill bit and part, then handwheel turned to the neutral position.

   2, in the drilling process, if the drill pipe bending or jamming,you should be immediately withdraw the drill, check that whether the rock drill bit grinding escape or disintegrating tablets,it is experiencing a hard fault or check the motor voltage into the line end is in accordance with the rated voltage, if less than rated value must voltage to the rated value.

   3, when drilling the rock hole, the water flow rate is 5-8L/min, the pressure is 0.3-0.5Mpa

   4, rigorous doing drill, spiral blade drill xenophobic, strict implementation of the water first, after the opening of the drill, the first stop after drilling water supply method. Drilling to pay attention to the situation of the water supply. In case of sudden water supply must immediately stop drilling, the rock drill bit in a timely manner to leave the bottom of the hole, to prevent the drill gambling game and sticking accidents.

   5 and a wiring box parts, the galvanized washer terminals, does not allow with large diameter stand-by, to ensure that the creepage and clearance.

   6, rock drill bit if there is abnormal sound, should immediately check repair, reduction box should be cleaned regularly and replacement of lubricating oil, if necessary, the motor on a regular basis.

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