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How to choose your favorite wheel barrow tire

Mar 14, 2016

1 first, we should understand the simple principle of self balancing unicycle:

Wheel barrow, also known as self balancing body sense of the car, is a gyro sensor on balance control,it depends on high power motor drive to get a good driving force, it is belong to a high-tech products. So not only beautiful appearance can judge the quality, not to say the same look, the low prices is good quality, the key is to see board and motor control, of course, it does not mean that the high price of is absolutely good. Control board is good or bad is to see the flexibility of the wheel barrow when it turns and balance of the judgment and internationally for unicycle riding to judge, in the motor industry, current and control in perfect matching is new Amax and Airlines Hong motor, this two brand is according to the characteristics of the wheel barrow to self balance and specially designed motor.

   2 then we have to look at the wheelbarrow endurance:

Have a good driving force, but also have enough endurance is the ability to let the lovers to play vividly to not regret, it is recommended that unicycle fans in the choice of battery is best can choose to import, relatively speaking, quality and high safety. Currently on the market, the import of the battery industry is relatively recognized by Samsung and SONY brands, you can choose their own preferences.

   3 finally, when it comes to tires. The wheel barrow tire is also very important, if the wheel barrow tire quality doesn't pass, the use time of the wheel barrow tire is relatively short, many businesses under the banner of natural rubber tire, in fact, we can look at, in the wheel barrow tire industry, quite good reputation only built big and Zhengxin brand, the difference between the two is to build the skid resistance is better,the wheel barrow tire of it has a good wear resistance,it just depends on everybody's needs.

Well,what i should remind everybody is to buy the wheel barrow but also after-sales service, guaranteed after-sales service can let you no worries in using the product, it is recommended in the purchase before check the Internet related information of the brand.

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