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Ghost stories:a scissors for cutting fabric

Mar 14, 2016

   Abstract: there is a saying in my hometown, a carpenter's ink fountain, the tailor's scissors for cutting fabric are evil. Because our family is sewing, so there are several scissors for cutting fabric, each of which is about 1, 2 kg weight, used to hinge cloth. Here is the story,which I personally experienced. That was when I was in junior high school, the family is relatively small, so my father and my bed are placed in the same house, just put a  mat between them. That night I went to bed very early, because the second day i have to go to class.
But i was awakened by a burst of noise. Voice is heard from my father over there, it seems that the father is calling what people? "You hurry to get the fuck out of here", "don't you go to your good-looking," you fuck is not not to go "similar words dad said for quite a while,i was so threaten at that time. My father's voice was so loud that I dared not move, because my dad was the only one in the room that I slept with . I'm not out of the atmosphere, just as the quilt over his head, ears always listen to  what my is my Dad doing.
Later, my father probably speak say tired, deft got out of bed, tic tic tic under the floor, took a pair from downstairs and in the air cut a few, say in the mouth: you again, give it a try, then  put the scissors for cutting fabric on the pillow. After a while, I did not hear any sound, so I went to sleep in a daze in the past.

   On the second day, I asked dad who was speaking with him last night? Dad said that night he closed eyes vague feelings have dressed in red dress woman in his bed, drooping hair, but can't see what it looks like. So he couldn't sleep all the time. Then took the scissors under the pillow to sleep. I sweat, from my key on the string in any case, always take the small scissors fot cutting fabric, one for convenience, the two is a little afraid of the heart ah!But it just a not thrill ghost story about a scissors for cutting fabric.

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